The plight of IDPs in Nigeria and How You Can Help

The plight of IDPs in Nigeria and How You Can Help

Stories emanating from the media both social and print media about the plight of people in many parts of the country does little to paint the full picture of the hardship faced by people in IDP camps scattered across Nigeria. It is one of a situation that could easily draw tears from your eyes, as a trip to any of these camps will make you see the extent of hardship and sorrow that people pass through.

Many women have become widows after losing their husbands to the ongoing war against insurgency in the North east, while many children have been orphaned and with no one to care for them.


Most of these people who have become victims of a problem they did not create have also lost their means of livelihood, a situation which has made day to day survival an uphill task. As they were barely able to escape with their lives, losing all they have labored for in the process.


They have also lost their sense of belonging as many of them find it difficult to integrate into their new surroundings without any skill or finance to startup any new venture that could help them regain their financial independence.


This situation suffered by many is a major driving force that motivates us at Rich Life Mending Foundation to do more in alleviating the sufferings of the millions across Nigerians who have become like refugees in their own country.

We constantly visit IDP Camps to help in contributing our own quota towards reintegrating them into the society.



Below are some of the strategies we have adopted in helping these vulnerable people in the IDP Camps.

  1. We train them in different areas like;
  2. Sewing
  3. Bead making
  4. Hair dressing
  5. Barbing
  6. Soap Making etc.


  1. We conduct medical outreaches which is offered free of charge to members of the IDP camps.


  1. We also try to provide scholarships that could enable many of the children within school age return back to school.


  1. We give out food items, cloths and other household items


All these we have been doing and are more than happy to do more, thanks to the contributions from well meaning Nigerians, religious and corporate organizations, whom have been our back done  and a major source of inspiration to us. We couldn’t have been able to touch the lives of these many people without them.

Rich Life Mending Foundation is ever committed to providing succor to these people who are in need, which is why we’ll continue to encourage every Nigerian out there and other corporate institutions to partner us in reaching out to millions of helpless people around the country.

Your donations no matter how small would be crucial in helping to alleviate the sufferings of these people.  We are also open to partnering with you on various levels.  All you simply need to do is Contact Us Today,  Call or WhatsApp +234 816 007 0135 

We would truly appreciate your help financial support, it only takes less than a minute to Donate. Thanks for reading



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