Rich Life Partnership Opportunities

We believe that Rich Life alone cannot have the resources that will be required to help alleviate the sufferings of the less privileged amongst us. We is why we constantly seek to collaborate with partners and corporate organizations to assist us in solving the issues that affect widows and orphans through the provision of free services.

Areas Where We Need Partners & Sponsors

Free Medical Outreach

We routinely organize medical outreach targeted towards helping people in poor settlements. This has in no small measure helped to alleviate the sufferings of many young and old people who live in places with little or no access to quality health facilities.

  • We donate medicines and organize free medical checks for people in poor settlements
  • Corporate partnership with healthcare institutions for the free treatments of widows and orphans.
  • Provision of anti-natal care to pregnant women in rural areas

ICT Training

We live in the jet age where information is power, and with that understanding we try to empower the less privileged ones the opportunity to be equipped with the right set of skills. So as to further boost their chances of being financially independent. Things we do also includes;

  • Organizing of Information technology capacity building programs for widows, their children and orphans
  • Donation of learning aids and gadgets such as computers and other gadgets to support the education of widows’ children and orphans
  • Supply of power generating sets to help with interrupted learning.

Skill Acquisition Training

The process of making the vulnerable people in our society become more independent and resourceful usually starts with helping them acquire a skill. Rich Life Mending Foundation in collaboration with our partners have been able to train over 3,000 people in disaster or insurgency hit areas in Nigeria. Below are some areas we have impacted lives.

  • Skills acquisition and vocational training such as Soap making, bead making and tailoring etc.
  • Agribusiness trainings (farming, fishery, piggery, poultry, etc.)
  • Donation of vital machineries/equipment to serve as a startup kits e.g., sewing machines

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